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    Why is It Important

    In Metal Melting doing the right thing at right time and with correct methods is very important. If any of the above at any stage is compromised then it results in bad quality of product. At Mudra Castings we never make any such mistakes. To make or Metal Melting method more precise we use latest machines and highly skilled technicians. In Melting process metals are cast into different types of shapes, depending on mould, by melting them and changing their form to liquid state.

    The process of Metal Melting at Mudra Castings includes melting the charge, refining the melted charge, adjusting chemistry and finally tapping into a transport vessel. We understand the importance of Refining too i.e. at Mudra Castings refining is done to eliminate deleterious gases and elements from liquid molten metal.

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    Use Of Furnace

    Furnace is a very important machine unit in casting industry. It can be considered as backbone of a foundry. It is a machine which converts the state of a solid metal into liquid. Without a good furnace a foundry will be like a man without legs. Around the Globe several specialized furnaces are used to heat the metal and change its state. Furnaces are basically refractory-lined vessels that are used to hold the material to be melted in it and provide the enormous amount of energy to the material needed to melt it.

    Mudra Castings started its furnace unit with a single cupola furnace. At that time also we never compromised with the technology and so with the evolution of time Mudra Castings has also evolved from Cupola Furnace to Electric furnace. With the use of latest technology and our skill we produce unmatchable quality of products and our Electric furnace has strengthened our roots.