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    What is Core Making

    A core can be assumed as a castings device that is used in casting and molding processes. It is used to produce internal cavities and angles in any cast. Cores are instances that are placed into casting moulds so that it can create internal cavities of casting on cast. At Mudra castings we use the best technology and skills to achieve this. Cores are formed in core boxes. These core boxes are similar to pattern boxes that are used to make moulds. You can find casts anywhere but the quality and work that you get in the cores developed at Mudra Castings are best in their class.

    Our excerpt team is always there to help you in defining your cores at a good level. Mudra Castings serves you the best technicians that have mastered their skills in Green-sand cores, Dry-sand cores, Binders etc. Each of our technicians has experience of sufficient years and they have expertise their skills to a next level.

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    How we do it

    In core making we need to understand type of metal, size of casting, complexity involved in casting process, quality in final product etc. Mudra Castings understand the needs of all these process and to making process more robust we have implemented the best technology and practices to ensure that our customer are served with best quality of product. We understand the needs of our customer at initial level which helps in clearing the scope and definition of cores.

    Mudra Castings started its furnace unit with a single cupola furnace. At that time also we never compromised with the technology and so with the evolution of time Mudra Castings has also evolved from Cupola Furnace to Electric furnace. With the use of latest technology and our skill we produce unmatchable quality of products and our Electric furnace has strengthened our roots.