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    How we make Moulds

    Casting a material is like creating a picture on a canvas the only difference is that the in casting canvas is bigger, brushes are mechanical and workstation is filled with heavy machines. Moulding is a very important step in casting. Mudra castings take this step very seriously. We check the quality, shape and packing of our moulds twice before pouring molten metal in it. We follow the international standards and achieve high quality of cast materials through our moulds.

    To make a perfect mould choosing the perfect ingredients is very important. Generally Moulds are made using mixture of sand, pulverized coal and water. We use same ingredients but the methods that we adopt for making mould are different from other. The process of mould making and moulding is our forty.

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    How we do Moudling

    In recent years Mudra Castings has changed their working style as per to match the international standards of casting. In past our moulding facility was manual but now we have changed it completely. Now we are fully automated in terms of moulding. With the use of our skilled technicians and miracles of technology we have achieved what no other company has done in this short span of time.

    We make the moulds on our own and with the help of technology molten metal is poured in it with greater level of precision. Our Cooling system is also proved its existence as a catalyst for casting process. Our moulding process is as far among the best moulding facilities available in Rajasthan.