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    Our QA Objective

    Our Prime objectives of QA are very simple and straight. Mudra Castings believes that in order to improve the industry's output we have to produce products that are more acceptable to the customers and for that we make sure that our products have longer life, versatility, greater usefulness, maintainability, aesthetic aspects, etc. These objectives help in earning the trust and name that every casting company want to achieve. We have adopted some explicit Quality Analysis systems so that we can achieve aspects of a product through a sound quality control system.

    Our Quality Analysis concept has three major attributes and these attributes are (1) Participative management in Quality Analysis (2) Problem detection module which helps in determining problem at right time and (3) Quality Analysis problem solving technique.

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    Our Testing Module

    Mudra Castings modules for Quality Analysis and testing consists of a systematic inspection. Our Quality analyst performs inspection, testing and Quality analysis to ensure that the quality of the products produced at Mudra Castings is as per the laid down international quality standards. We call it as 'Statistical Quality Analysis, Quality control and Testing'. Our Director and COO’s believe that when statistical techniques are employed to check the Quality of a product it yields the best possible outcome.

    Mudra Castings adopts basic statistical principles to develop an environment where testing and Quality analysis is treated as a very important step of production. It leds us to the introduction of 'sampling tables' and controls charts for Quality Control. At Mudra castings we use to control the quality of the raw as well as finished products during the manufacturing stages.